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List all of the products we offer.  Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Thoughts  CD-Rom

Purchase CD ROM 'Thoughts'

Our complete english quotes CD comprises thoughts of India and leaders of world.  This will provide thousands of thoughts/quotes/sayings/speeches of great world leaders of all activities.....
Payment Option : Paypal or Demand Draft.  Please send DD favouring 'Oritech' payable at Bolangir(India). The  DD may be sent to our address given below.   Once your DD received by us, we will send the CD within two working days.
For abroad, better opt for e-copy, that will be sent  to your mail address once DD is received. 
For Special Quote : USD 10  or Rs 50/-:It will be despatched by e-mail.
$49.95 + Courier & Packing Charges $10


Collection CD-Rom
More products...coming soon.



Through e-mail
Once your DD favouring Oritech payable at Bolangir,Orissa is received by us, we will send the   e-copy to your mail address.                      


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